Overcome Birth Trauma
Overcome Birth Trauma

Read how the Overcome Birth trauma CD has helped women

“After about a week of listening to the cd, I felt as though the feelings I had about my trauma were as far to the back of my mind as they had ever been. I felt as though I could re-live every detail without the usual intense feelings of sadness and anger.  Although I am still angry and still feel cheated by the experience I had, these feelings no longer consume me. It has helped me in a way I never imagined I could be helped!”  Natalie Birmingham

"I can't recommend this CD enough!  I listened to it 5 or 6 times over a fortnight and it has really helped.  To be honest, I was a bit afraid of listening to it.  It lurked on my "to do" pile for a while.  I didn't really want to re-live the traumatic birth of my son and I was afraid it would bring me face to face with too much emotion and sadness.  But I finally packed my husband and children off for the afternoon and made myself really comfortable and took a deep breath ... and listened to it.  I'm so glad I did.  It was incredibly gentle and very soothing.  Each time I listened to it different feelings and memories came up but in a very manageable and helpful way.  I was tearful but in a good way.  I don't think I ever really felt emotion about the birth, just ragged trauma that got stuck in my head and went round and round whenever the topic of birth came up.  Listening to the CD helped me connect with how very frightened and disempowered I had been and once having connected to this feeling, it somehow lost its sting.  I am left simply feeling sad that my son's birth wasn't how I wanted it to be and uncomfortable with the physical damage but I don't feel disabled by the experience or the damage now.  I can imagine listening again to the CD from time to time to release the trauma at a deeper and deeper level as I get stronger."  Harriet Hancock


“A great way to clear all the old baggage before starting to think about the birth of my next baby –  Before listening to it I had been putting off listening to the pregnancy or birth CDs in case they brought back difficult memories. So the fact that after listening to the Overcome Birth Trauma I was able to do so without any issues, says a lot really. I really wanted to thank you for the work you are doing to help women have the birth they want and/or feel positive about the birth they get! My second labour and birth was everything I hoped my first would be, and weirdly the process of doing it again, but better, also helped me deal with the trauma of the first.”  Jennifer Clarke


“Listening to this track truly has helped me overcome the trauma I went through and the anxiety and upset I felt for weeks afterwards. I found the track very moving the first time I listened to it, it brought tears to my eyes.  In particular I found the section about being able to fast forward elements of the birth very helpful when someone asked me about it.  Feeling like I was in control of what parts I shared was very empowering, something I have not felt in a while.”  Clara Thompson

A wonderful contribution to the healing journey following birth trauma or even loss in pregnancy.


Maggie Howell's calming, resonant voice, transports the listener into a realm of supported relaxation, whilst at the same time, providing much needed nurturing and 'space' in which to heal from the constant round of difficult thoughts and anxiety which can often leave you feeling depleted.


I will definitely be recommending this to women attending the support group that I run, as well as those I help who have experienced birth trauma and loss.


This is a blessing to women, their families as well as health professionals who work with pregnancy and birth.

Claire Murphy - Butterflies PND Support

“It gave me permission to relax, up till then I had not allowed myself the time to simply breathe and sit quietly. I would like to say actually, how much of a positive impact your CD has had, I'm a different person to who I was this time last year and much of that I believe is down to this CD” Ann Halliwell

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