Overcome Birth Trauma
Overcome Birth Trauma

Frequently asked questions

Who can listen to this track?

The Overcome Birth Trauma CD can be used by anyone who has been affected by a traumatic experience associated with pregnancy, miscarriage, birth or pregnancy loss - A mother, father, birth partner or birth professional.


How long is the track?
There is a short introduction followed by the hypnosis track which is 26 minutes and 13 seconds


How much is it?

It is £11.99 for the CD or £10 for MP3 download


How can I buy it?

Click here to order the CD or order the MP3


Can I listen to this if I am already having therapy?

Yes, it can be used alongside other therapies including counselling, CBT, EMDR or psychotherapy.


My baby died – does it mention babies?

No. It has been written in such a way that it is completely non-specific and offers support, self-healing and coping strategies to help overcome and heal any trauma. Throughout the track there is no reference to the type of experience, to babies or children, to when it took place or the outcome.


My traumatic experience of birth happened years ago - is it still for me?

For some, traumatic events can continue to affect them for years.  This CD makes no reference to when the event took place so can be listened to at any time after the event, regardless of when it took place.


My husband / partner was also traumatised?

The cd makes no reference to male or female so it can be listened to by both men and women.

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