Overcome Birth Trauma
Overcome Birth Trauma

This site is for anyone who has suffered any form of trauma related to pregnancy or birth.

  • Have you had a negative or traumatic experience associated with pregnancy or birth?
  • Are you not sure where to turn for help?
  • Do you feel that no one really understands what you have been through?
  • Are you struggling to cope with the experience you have had?

No one can change the past, however with time and gentle support and guidance you can change how you feel about the past, and begin to look to a time in the future when you will no longer feel this way


“Listening to this track truly has helped me overcome the trauma I went through and the anxiety and upset I felt for weeks afterwards"  Clara

Overcome Birth Trauma CD

The Overcome Birth Trauma CD/MP3 download is for anyone who has felt traumatised by an experience connected with pregnancy or birth. It could be for a mother, a father, birth partner, midwife or doula. It has been written in such a way that it is completely non-judgemental and offers support, self healing and coping strategies to help overcome and heal any trauma.

Listening to this track will take you on a gentle journey to help you

  • Feel calmer in your thoughts
  • Learn coping strategies for dealing with daily life
  • Let go of feelings that you no longer want
  • Take time to rest and be kinder to yourself
  • Live more in the present moment
  • Begin to feel there is more hope for the future
  • Feel more positive and in control
  • Cope better with triggers or things that remind you of what happened

This is done through the use of gentle breathing, calm and safe visualisation, the use of metaphor and creation of personal coping strategies. Throughout the track there is no reference to the type of experience, when it took place or the outcome.


You can buy the CD for £11.99 or download the MP3 for £10.

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